(Part 1) The Church Bound to Convert the World

Jesus said, “Go, and make disciples of all nations,” because “all power in heaven and on earth” belongs to him. During his ministry, Christ began to bring God's kingdom on the earth. Then, he commissioned the church to finish that work. To this day, he sends the power to do it.

Thus, this command binds on all Christians until the work is completed. Indeed, converting the world to God is the only reason why Christians are on the earth, and why the world hasn't yet ended. Jesus' heart is full of passionate desire to convert the world. As such, consecration to this work is inseparable from salvation.

Listen as Ray and Alexandra lay out the conditions that must be met by individual Christians in order for the church to succeed in the Great Commission!

This message was adapted from Charles Finney's sermon, “The Church Bound to Convert the World.

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