Moses’ Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Moses’ Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Moses, adopted by Pharoah's daughter, was next in line to be king over Egypt. However, he chose to leave Egypt behind to deliver the people of God from slavery. But, he did not wait on God for power to do so. Moses' attempt to deliver the Hebrews by killing the Egyptian parallels the attempts of Christians to save souls without the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. Both are unsuccessful.

Then, God appeared to Moses in the burning bush. The Lord commissioned and empowered Moses for service at that time. As a result, when Moses confronted Pharaoh, the signs and wonders of God followed. These signs were necessary for two reasons. First, they made the Egyptians willing to let the Israelites go. Second, they showed that God Himself–and not Moses–was delivering His people. Moses was merely God's channel.

Will you, like Moses, make the decision to leave the world, and seek the Lord until he empowers you for service?

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