More than Good News

More than Good News

The gospel is more than good news that I just “believe.” Modern teachers let down both the requirements and benefits of the gospel. To them, salvation is from God's wrath, and nothing else. And, to them, a verbal confession of belief will save you. But will this really save you from hell? What did the apostles preach?

Simply, the conditions of the true gospel include a full renunciation of all sin, rebellion, and evil; and a complete surrender to serve Christ all the days of your life. It includes an act of the will that says, “I will never again sin against my Lord.” But, this pure gospel not only pardons, it restores you completely. It saves you from sin now, and from hell hereafter. This gospel gives you power to live a righteous life and to build God's kingdom, save the lost, and do the works Jesus did.

Have you believed this pure gospel, and met its conditions? And are you still doing so today?

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