Loving the Poor

The words, “Jesus loves you,” don't mean much to someone who has never been loved or heard of Jesus. To combat this problem, Jackie Pullinger began to greatly invest in the lives of the poor in the Walled City. Loving the poor meant standing in line with them all day to fill out a school application form. It meant living with young girls who otherwise would be sold into prostitution. Loving the poor meant going with them to court, praying with them in jail, and visiting their homes. Finally, Ms. Pullinger started a youth club that simultaneously kept them out of riots and gave them a place to have normal, healthy recreation like playing ping pong.

Saving the lost involves a combination of this kind of love as well as the power of the Holy Spirit!

You can read more about Jackie Pullinger's ministry, and even apply to volunteer in it, by visiting St. Stephens Society. Chasing the Dragon is available for purchase at Barnes and Noble.

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