Law and Grace

Law and Grace

What do Christians mean when they talk about “the cross”? Romans 6 gives a simple definition. To “die with Christ” is to die to sin. That is, all sin. This death is always accompanied by a resurrection: a new, sin-free life to serve God.

The law of God will not be set aside at the final judgment. We will each be judged by what we've done. Forgiveness of sins, and the final salvation of your soul, depend on your dying with Christ and being resurrected with him.

God's redemptive plan is expansive and beautiful. We're not sinners who every week must confess, “I haven't loved God with my whole heart, or my neighbor as myself.” Instead, God restores us so that we do love God with our whole heart, and our neighbors as ourselves. God's law and grace and not opposed. Instead, God's grace transforms us into holy people who “establish the law” through a life of righteousness and love.

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