Jesus’ Vision of the Church

Jesus’ Vision of the Church

The first use of the word ekklesia, or “church,” in the New Testament is by Jesus in Matthew 16. He said, “I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.” Thus, we get Jesus' vision of the church as a unified people victorious in destroying the works of the devil. Later, Jesus shares that the church is to be without sin, and gives instructions on how to maintain this corporate holiness.

We then come to the book of Acts, and there witness the church as an assembly obedient to every command of Jesus. At Jesus' command, she prays in unity in the upper room. As Jesus promised, the church is empowered, and revival becomes the normal life of the church.

These revelations overturn many of our modern arrangements of “church.” For example, the church is not an event which I attend at my convenience. Second, the church is not a building. Third, the church does not include members who sin and refuse to repent. Nor can I be a disciple of Jesus apart from the church.

Are you in agreement with Jesus about his vision for the church?

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