Jesus, a Savior from Sinning

Jesus, a Savior from Sinning

Jesus is not merely a Savior from punishment, but a Savior from sinning. Indeed, no one will be saved from hell unless he or she is first saved from sinning. It is Jesus who accomplishes this incredible work in the soul. Not only will he save you from acts of sin, but he will generate the love of God in your heart. This salvation is by faith, is complete, and is all-at-once.

Are you a professing Christian who still sins? If so, your life dishonors God and is a stumbling-block to others. Clinging to a belief in imputed righteousness will not save you from sinning or from hell. But, if you give yourself totally to Jesus, he will make you righteous–he will impart righteousness to you.

May your life thus be a living glory to our Almighty God, who can take the most wretched sinners and transform them into holy men and women of God!

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