How to Speak to Sinners

How to Speak to Sinners

After you begin praying for sinners, the next step is to speak to them. This requires wisdom, tact, and compassion. In this discussion, Pastor Ray Greenley and Alexandra Ghaly outline some very practical tips on how any Christian can successfully speak to sinners and lead them to Christ.

The general principle and key is that you must speak to the sinner about their sin. With the Scriptures, show the person the law of God and how it condemns those who sin. Be specific about that individual's sin and how God's law condemns them. When the sinner sees his guilt, he will then be in a position to seize Christ's mercy.

Equally important is that the Christian distinguish careless, awakened, and convicted sinners. Then, with wisdom, use the best tactics about when and how to speak to them.

Every Christian can be an effective soul-winner for Jesus. We pray that this broadcast and the linked materials will equip you to this noble task!

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