How They Prayed in the Upper Room

How They Prayed in the Upper Room

How did the 120 pray in the upper room? The book of Acts doesn't say much. But, Catherine Booth's stunning sermon, “Filled with the Spirit,” gives key insights.

Notably, the disciples met several indispensable conditions in the upper room. These conditions apply equally to us today. First, the 120 went through deep self-abasement. Second, they highly appreciated the gift and need of the “power from on high.” Yes, they had accepted the Great Commission as their life work. But more than that, they saw the supreme need for God's power to fulfill it. They felt it would be better for them to die waiting than to attempt the gospel work without it. Third, they waited in obedient faith and expectation.

God is willing for every believer to receive this power–and he requires it. So will you wait on him until you receive it?

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