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How to Die to Self

One of the first Christian tracts in America from our dear brother G.D. Watson.
6-21-2017 How to Die to Self - Pilgrim's Progress Radio Broadcast

We often speak of dying to self–but how does one do it? G.D. Watson provides some very practical insights on how to die to self.

First, the person who wishes to die to self must put off every ulterior motive for seeking Jesus. His or her only motive for seeking Jesus must be Jesus Himself. Second, we are to accept all humiliation as a cross. We need not create our own cross. Instead, every perplexity, distress, humiliation, hardship, or disagreeable thing is to bring us deeper into Jesus. Similarly, we must reject in our hearts the honor of those who would elevate us.

Next, we must deliberately live a simple life, by faith alone. When those we love differ with us on nonessentials, we are to yield to them in love. In essence, we as a daily habit seek our nothingness and God’s allness in everything.

Have you decided to die to self? If so, did you come to a place where you said, “Jesus, I can go this far with you. But I can’t go any farther.” Or, do you press daily into a deeper dying?

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