Holy Ghost Power

Holy Ghost Power

Every thoughtful, spiritual Christian recognizes that something is missing from the church. We diligently do the work of God, yet we see few conversions, and even fewer that are sincere. Why is this? And what's the solution?

Simply, we have not waited on God for the promised Holy Ghost power. We've preached the truth and thought that if we prayed, God would bless it. But years go by, and hundreds who we may have saved remain lost.

The power that God sent to the apostles, he promises also to send to you. Moreover, he holds you responsible for all the souls that might be saved if you had this power. If, like the man who received one talent, we say, “Lord, you told me to save souls, but you never gave me the power,” he will say to us, “You evil servant, you knew where you could have gotten the power. Where are all the souls you might have saved? Throw the worthless servant into outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

Haven't you wasted enough years of your life? Won't you go to God with weeping for this power, and plead Him to redeem the time?

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