Holiness or Hell

Holiness or Hell

Does a person have to keep sinning until death? A fierce battle over this question has raged for hundreds of years. One preacher, William Godbey, took the strong position, “Holiness or hell.” This dear brother lifts up Jesus as a complete, all-powerful, “NOW,” Savior. He is able and willing to save his people completely and perfectly. The only reason why so many Christians remain unsaved from their sins is that they simply haven't believed that Jesus will save them from their sins. Moreover, they have neglected a total consecration of their lives to Jesus and his service.

Is your church filled with people who say, “I am justified by faith,” and yet it's impossible to get them to do anything? Are you one of those people?

If you have a testimony of entire sanctification, or a question, please share it with us! We'd love to share them on the air!

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