God’s Call to Hong Kong

God’s Call to Hong Kong

How did an ordinary, worldly woman from England end up ministering to Chinese gangsters for 50+ years? In Chasing the Dragon, Jackie Pullinger describes her early life, conversion, and God's call to Hong Kong. Rejected from every missionary society and qualified only as a piano and oboe player, Jackie finally took a brave step of obedience. She bought the cheapest boat ticket from France to Japan with the most stops, and prayed about where to get off.

Her mentality? She could not lose. If she were shipwrecked, she could convert an islander. If she were denied entry in Hong Kong and imprisoned, she could convert the jailer. Whether she stayed in China for one week or the rest of her life, she would follow God.

Are you committed this way to Jesus?

You can read more about this ministry, and even apply to volunteer in it, by visiting Jackie Pullinger's website, St. Stephens Society. Chasing the Dragon is available for purchase at Barnes and Noble.

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