Go Back to the Upper Room

Go Back to the Upper Room

The command to every Christian is, “Go back to the upper room.” Why? To wait for the indwelling Holy Spirit. At Pentecost, the disciples transitioned from having the Holy Spirit with them to having the Holy Spirit in them.

In other words, Jesus Christ comes to live out His life in that person in the most literal sense. No separation exists between the Christian and Christ. Christians are in the world in the place of Christ. Instead of there being one Jesus on the earth, there are now millions. We are not to merely imitate Christ, but to actually have Christ live inside of us.

With this indwelling comes the power of Pentecost. Now, whether you're a pastor or a factory worker, your whole business in life is to teach, witness, heal, and win souls to Christ. Miracles become a daily occurrence.

Will you yield your life to Christ? Will you give him entire control over your body, mind, and life–to live through you on the earth?

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