Gangsters Believe in Jesus

Gangsters Believe in Jesus

In spite of persistently loving the poor in Hong Kong, missionary Jackie Pullinger still had no converts at the end of the year. None of the older missionaries did, either. But one night, Ms. Pullinger met a Chinese couple with power and vitality. Pullinger knew they had what she was missing and asked them to pray for her. She received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. As a result, gangsters began to believe in Jesus!

Hear how this work began, and how it can begin with you in your efforts to reach the lost.

This message includes a reading from Jackie Pullinger's book, Chasing the Dragon. You can read more about Jackie Pullinger's ministry, and even apply to volunteer in it, by visiting St. Stephens Society. Chasing the Dragon is available for purchase at Barnes and Noble.

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