Experience New Testament Revival

Experience New Testament Revival

For each gangster converted, missionary Jackie Pullinger asked to see that person's gang leader. She would go to any location, at any hour of the night, to meet these men. This riveting story begins with one young man converted at a coffee shop after midnight. One thing leads to another, and soon there is a full-blown revival. One of the gang leaders, not even converted, brings Pullinger into gambling and opium dens and asks her to preach the gospel. When one man is instantly healed, many believe in Jesus.

God's desire and will is for every Christian–including you–to experience this kind of New Testament revival. The book of Acts is meant to be our daily experience. Is that what you want? If so, will you believe and ask God for it?

Photo of Jackie Pullinger and the boys courtesy of the South China Morning Post.

This message includes a reading from Jackie Pullinger's book, Chasing the Dragon. Visit St. Stephens Society to learn more about Jackie Pullinger's ministry. Chasing the Dragon is available for purchase at Barnes and Noble.

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