Ending Spiritual Indifference

Ending Spiritual Indifference

Christians are to sincerely attempt to the convert the sinners around them. We may do this privately or boldly. We may do it in person or over the phone. We may use talking points and notes. But the important thing is that we do it.

As we thus fulfill the Great Commission, a great obstacle we face is spiritual indifference. In particular, we meet those who say they believe in God, heaven, hell, and eternity. But in spite of this, they are not saved. Nor do they feel unrest about it. This indifference usually boils down to ignorance or preoccupation with the world. However, Jesus not only calls us to directly confront people in spite of their indifference, but promises to give us victory!

This message was drawn from Catherine Booth's sermon, “Religious Indifference.

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