Confession in the Congo Revival

Confession in the Congo Revival

Confession in the Congo Revival caused the revival to spread. But more than that, in one sense confession was the very heart of the revival. With confession came great joy, forgiveness, mercy, and power for ministry.

Our need for revival in the United States is linked to this need for Holy Spirit conviction, followed by public confession and repentance. In the words of Jude, many pastors today have perverted the grace of God. Instead of teaching the people to confess and forsake their sins, they teach that God covers them in their sins. As a result, sin isn't confessed. Because if God covers our sins, then why drag it out? Let's just cover each other, too, and overlook one another's sins. But when sin isn't confessed, there is no forgiveness, and no power, and no church.

Let these powerful stories prompt you to make a full and honest confession and restitution, if you haven't already!

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