Born and Raised in the Gospel

Born and Raised in the Gospel

“All the books I had ever read about criminals becoming Christians stopped short at their conversion,” writes Jackie Pullinger, “giving a strong impression that they lived happily ever after.” However, she soon discovered this was not the case. Though her new converts were “new creations” in Christ, they were still children. They needed not only to be born into the gospel, but born and raised in the gospel. And how could they grow up living in an opium den, or sleeping on the street?

This led to the first home for new converts, including babies, the elderly, young adults, and men and women. Jesus promised that anyone who left brothers or sisters for his sake would receive 100-fold in this life. This is exactly what happened. Old women became mothers who cooked and cleaned, while teenage boys played with the babies. In their meetings, they built up one another in love through prophecies, visions, tongues, and interpretation. To date, Pullinger's ministry has had homes at over 270 addresses.

Will you ask Jesus to make you a mother or father of many spiritual children? And will you feed, clothe, teach, discipline, and even live with them if needed?

This message includes a reading from Jackie Pullinger's book, Chasing the Dragon. Visit St. Stephens Society to learn more about Jackie Pullinger's ministry. Chasing the Dragon is available for purchase at Barnes and Noble.

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