All On the Line for Revival

All On the Line for Revival

Revival is God's kingdom coming to earth in power. The Scriptures testify that this is true Christianity. Jesus came not merely to forgive sins, but to announce that God's kingdom is here. Not only does Jesus announce this, but he baptizes those who believe it with “the Holy Spirit and fire” so that they can bring God's kingdom.

However, Christians today by-and-large do not believe this. Many churches exist by “traditions and doctrines of men.” Some do not believe in revival, and others who do see it as an “add-on,” or a rare phenomenon.

But how do we explain the lack of power? And more importantly, how do we get the power? One evangelist began to ask himself these kinds of questions. Can an ordinary person really expect God to move the way that He did in the Book of Acts? He stopped all his missionary activity, set aside 8 hours a day to pray, and laid all on the line for revival.

After months of prayer, fasting, reading, and meditating, the Lord said, “Call for a prayer meeting, and I will pour out my Spirit.” Thus began the revival that changed Argentina into a Christian nation.

May we thus seek the Lord with all our hearts, knowing that he will send revival!

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