Agony for the Lost

Agony for the Lost

Agony for the lost is indispensable to revival. But, this agony is almost non-existent in America. So how do Christians reclaim this lost agony for souls?

We begin by recognizing that conversion is not gradual. Conversion is instantaneous. When a sinner repents, surrenders all to Jesus, and receives Christ, the Holy Spirit then lives inside of that person. As long as he continues to abide in Jesus, he cannot sin (1 John 3:9).

This understanding will awaken those Christians who never truly were born again. And, it presses on the hearts of Christians the desperate need for the instantaneous conversion of others.

Then, as Christians break up their fallow ground, they begin to feel for the lost. They see the evil of sin in their own hearts–and turn away from it. This in turn opens their eyes to see the evil of all sin. Because they love God, they hate to see rebellion against him so prevalent in society. And, as they see the awful wrath of God against sinners, they feel deep compassion for them. As Jesus lives and reigns in their hearts, he fills their souls with love and agony for the salvation of the lost.

Do you feel an agony for the lost? If not, will you break up your fallow ground until you do?

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