Abortion Can Be Stopped!

In this shocking and exciting interview, Lauren Handy shares the truth about the dehumanizing effects of abortion on society. Her insights come from five years of work as a full-time pro life missionary. The founder of the pro life nonprofit Mercy Missions, Lauren spends 4+ days a week outside Planned Parenthood, pleading with expectant mothers. In addition to helping save almost 600 babies, Lauren helped close the Silver Spring, Maryland Planned Parenthood after 20 years of operation.

Pastor Ray and Alexandra also ask Lauren, “What can those listening do to help end abortion?” Lauren gives simple, practical, and empowering answers. A phone call can go a long way in the fight against evil!

Learn more at MercyMissionsDC.com, where you can also support Lauren's work for $25/month. Also follow Mercy Missions on Facebook at facebook.com/MercyMissionsDC.

This broadcast is the first in our Missions Friday series. In these broadcasts, Pastor Ray and Alexandra interview Christians who've taken up the Gospel commission as their life's work!

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