24 Hour Love

24 Hour Love

For many in the church today, attempts to win people to Jesus lack deliverance. New Christians remain enslaved to sin, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, or pornography. Eventually, they leave the Christian faith. We wonder, “What happened?”

Jackie Pullinger's experience with heroin and opium addicts show that there is a better way. Christians do not have to settle for a lack of power. Instead, if we will work together with God, our new converts will be completely healed and freed. This process goes beyond a weekly phone call. Instead, it's a 24 hour love. You truly take on the new converts as your spiritual children. You love, discipline, set safe boundaries, encourage, play, read, study, exercise, and cook with them. You may even live with them!

To whom is God calling you to sacrificially love?

This message includes a reading from Jackie Pullinger's book, Chasing the Dragon. Visit St. Stephens Society to learn more about Jackie Pullinger's ministry. Chasing the Dragon is available for purchase at Barnes and Noble.

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