What Are You Doing?

What Are You Doing?

“Produce fruit worthy of repentance,” said John the Baptist. As we discussed in yesterday's broadcast, true repentance is a once-for-all leaving of all sin. It is the beginning of a righteous life in service to God.

However, righteousness is not merely the absence of sin. Righteousness, or the fruits of repentance, include specific actions that will pass God's holy standard on the day of judgment. In order to see what good works God expects to see in us after we repent, we turn to the Sermon on the Mount and several other passages.

God will judge every one of us by our works. You cannot be a mixture of righteous and sinful. Based on what you do, you are either right with God or a hellbound sinner.

So what are you doing today? Do you produce fruit worthy of repentance? Or do you sin against God?

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