These Little Ones

These Little Ones

“Pure and undefiled religion is this,” wrote the apostle James, “to care for the orphans and widows.” In Argentina, these little ones included abandoned children and orphans who lived in mud-huts, open plazas, hospitals, and even an insane asylum. The burden to care for them fell on the evangelists at Peniel Bible Institute. But for years, they lacked the means to build the much-needed children's home.

Then, God began speaking to a dentist named Nelly who felt called to ministry. After a long struggle with the Lord, she finally yielded. Though she didn't know what God would ask her to do, she accepted his call to care for the children. Soon, Nelly met the evangelists at Peniel. Together, they began to stand in faith for the building and maintenance of an orphanage. Nelly left her comfortable, successful life as a dentist to become a “mother” to the children. And, she found that many doors to share the gospel opened through this ministry.

So what did the inner faith life of these Christians look like? How could they build and support an orphanage with no money? Simply, they knew the voice of God and His will. They waited on God in prayer. Then, they believed the promises of Scripture that the Holy Spirit specifically applied to each situation. Through importunate prayer and obedience, they were able to serve as channels for God to accomplish his work on the earth.

Can this be said of your life? As you listen to this message, let faith rise in your heart! If you will go to work for Jesus, God will abundantly supply everything needed!

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