Sin No More

Sin No More

God's throne room is a place of holiness and power. To enter God's throne room, we first leave all rebellion against God. This is the only kind of true repentance. It means submitting yourself totally to Jesus Christ, giving up a love for sin, and with victory shouting, “I will sin no more!”

One aspect of this submission is to renounce a love for the world. Thus, your first focus in life is not on temporal things. Instead of focusing on this present world, you focus on the world to come.

Your life will plainly show if this is the first focus. For example, you won't spend money or time on anything that doesn't help prepare you and others for eternity. Instead of spending your weekends at family football games, you will be serving the church and the needy. Because you see the holiness of God, you will be afraid to sin. Moreover, the love of the Holy Spirit who lives in you will move you to help others.

Even if you've been taught gradual repentance and conversion, your conscience testifies against it. You know right now whether your actions are right in the sight of God. And, you know that there's no excuse for continuing to do what you know is wrong.

If your conscience is guilty today, won't you give up the fight with God, and rejoice in Christ with a new, holy life?

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