Righteousness a Present Experience

Righteousness a Present Experience

In this testimony-interview, Alexandra shares that righteousness from God is a present experience. To be innocent in the sight of God is the present reality of every true Christian. For Alexandra, this began at conversion, and deepened through several later experiences.

These further revelations included the 1) holiness of God, 2) the evil of sin, 3) that the gospel makes us holy in reality right now, 4) that God will judge every one of us based on our actions, 5) that each person truly deserves hell for his own sin, and 6) that repentance involves making restitution. Though God intends these revelations to occur at the same time–in conversion–what is essential for your salvation is that these truths become a present reality for you.

Is your conscience clean today? If you have a feeling of sin, we urge you to first determine whether it's because you did sin, or if it's false condemnation. If you didn't sin, then praise God! Give him the glory for keeping you blameless! If you did sin, what did you do? Then confess every one of those sins, and make it right with God and with those you've offended. And, be sure that you belong totally to Jesus Christ.

We pray that you rejoice today in a full, present experience of righteousness!

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