It’s Time to Repent!

It’s Time to Repent!

This morning, one 20-year-old woman said, “I believe that a person should repent only once. Then they live the rest of their life without sinning. But I don't want to repent until I'm 30.” This person understands what is true repentance and obedience to God. But, her attitude is the very opposite of repentance. Indeed, it's very likely that anyone with this attitude will ever repent.

Though you may not say it so straight as this young woman, do you have certain sins in your life that you think, “Well, I'll work on that sometime in the future. God's patient, and he understands.”

This is not how the Bible shows God's feelings about sin. A walk through the first nineteen chapters of Jeremiah shows that God sees sin as deliberate, willful, wrath-incurring rebellion. “Forsake,” “refuse to hear,” and “reject” are common verbs to describe sinners. Why? Because sinners know the will of God, yet refuse to do the will of God.

Is this your case today? If so, you are in great danger! If you think that you can put off repentance until a more convenient time, you will grow worse and worse. Almost certainly you will die in your sins. Then you will receive the sentence of eternal damnation. As you hear and read these words today, get quickly to Jesus! It's time to repent!

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