Interview with Corey Stewart

In this hour-long interview with Corey Stewart, candidate for the governorship of Virginia, Pastor Ray digs into a number of moral and political questions. “What do you see as the role of the church in the community of Virginia?” “How do we reign in judges who make law instead of support law?” Corey directly addresses abortion, gay marriage, illegal immigration, the second amendment, the role of the Constitution, eminent domain, education, and transportation. He also discusses his plans to restore Virginia’s economy through lowering income tax and supporting the coal industry. Corey closes with this message to Virginians: “It’s time to stop being afraid and stop backing down to the left, to political correctness, and because people say that you’re narrow-minded because your defending your Christian views. We need a brave, conservative leader who is not afraid to ruffle feathers and who is not afraid to defend our Christian, conservative beliefs.

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