Flee From the Wrath to Come!

Flee From the Wrath to Come!

Today's welcome by Pastor Ray focuses on what is the church or the ekklesia (or ecclesia) is called to be as laid out in Ephesians. In the western culture, we've attempted to meld the culture with the church with disastrous results (i.e. a very worldly church). The welcome leads into the sermon by our dear sister Alexandra, which focuses on sin and a call to deep repentance.

It's time to simply be honest and allow the Holy Spirit full access to our hearts, so that the necessary conviction can come to propel us into a deep state of repentance. Aren't you tired of being part of the listless, powerless church with no shouts of victory and no threat to Satan and his progeny?

If you're walking in bitterness, anger, pride, whatever the sin may be, that sin can be totally removed if you're simply willing to repent and allow the blood of Jesus to remove it from your heart. It's time to utterly renounce the cultural Christianity that extols the traditions of man rather than the holiness of God.

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