Consecrated Unto the Lord

Consecrated Unto the Lord

To be consecrated to God is to devote your life to Jesus Christ and His primary purpose: the salvation of the lost. The only block to this consecration is incomplete repentance.

To be a Christian, you must not merely reform outward actions. You must recognize that your heart is rebellious and corrupt and that you need to be fundamentally changed into a new person. Then you fully give yourself to Jesus. Nothing short of this is really repentance–or salvation. Moreover, to backslide is take back your consecration to the Lord.

Can you say, like Charles Wesley's hymn, O For a Heart to Praise My God, that your heart is humble, lowly, contrite, and resigned, and that Jesus alone reigns there?

Sister Alexandra's welcome from Psalm 30, and Brother Ed's offertory, both focus on our worship of Jesus. This worship leads us to repentance, thanksgiving, and consecration.

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