Break Up Your Fallow Ground

Break Up Your Fallow Ground

How do you promote a revival? The book of Hosea answers, “Break up your fallow ground.” Fallow ground is farm land that used to be fruitful. But, through neglect, the ground grew hard and unproductive. To break up the fallow ground is to remove the rocks, stumbling blocks, and thorns. Once the ground is soft and mellow, it's ready to bear fruit.

This fallow ground refers to your mind and heart. To break it up, you thoroughly, carefully examine your conscience and confess and repent of every individual sin. This will prepare your heart to feel and to receive the word of God. Then, God will fill you with a spirit of prayer. As you go out and talk to sinners on the road to hell, your feelings will increase.

So go get a pen and paper, and you can follow along with the examination of conscience that we used on air!

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