A Heavenly Visitation

A Heavenly Visitation

Two years after the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Mendoza, a Bible Institute outside of Buenos Aires received a heavenly visitation. Alexander, a Polish teenager, prayed for months outside. One night, the presence of God came. Terrified, Alexander ran back to the Bible Institute.

But instead of escaping the presence of God, Alexander brought God with him. Within minutes, the entire school was awake. Students fell under the fear of God and began to cry out for mercy. This set off months of prayer and intercession for Argentina. Moreover, the Holy Spirit manifested in all the power of the book of Acts. Prophecies, visions, and deep heart work became the norm at the Bible Institute.

God wants to bring this kind of revival to the United States. But just as the strong man had to be bound in Argentina, so must the strong man that rules over Washington, D.C. be bound. In what way is God calling you to be part of this incredible work? Share your thoughts in a comment below!

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